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microscope digital camera operation

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microscope digital camera operation
microscope digital camera operation

he digital camera head is an advanced micro imagery tool. It may be a viewing head with a digital camera built-in or an electron eyepiece. All common microscopes can be fitted with it. Connecting with your PC, the micro-image will be displayed on your PC, and you will be relaxed from the tired traditional micro-observation.

Features and Specifications:

1) High Quality Color Digital Image System

2) Resolution1280(H)*1024(V)(1.30MP)

3) CMOS Chip1/2” Micron MT9M001

4) USB2.0 Connection

5) Magnification of Optical System: 0.39X

6) Capturing microscope images and showing live video on PC screen

7) Saving Still Images as BMPJPG Files

8) User-friendly Sophisticated Micro-image Process Software Included for PreviewingMeasuringComparingCountingSaving and Deleting

9) PC System Required

     HardwareUSB2.0 Connecting Socket

         CPU: Intel P4;  EMS Memory256M   Hard Disk512M

         PC Screen Resolution1024*768

Softwarewin2000(with Mend sp4)or winxp (with Mend sp2)and  directx 9.0

How to use the digital camera head

Insert the driver CD into your PC

Connect the digital camera head to your PC with the USB2.0 digital line to run the guiding program of the new hardware found.

microscope digital camera operationChoose the correct button according to the information of your PC---- NEXT” ----NEXT” ---- CONTINUE----FINISH

4) Find the etAMCAP” on the desktop and open it.

5) Choose ET USB 2750 Camera” in Devices; Choose Preview” in Options

6) How to reach resolution of 1280X1024

Choose Option----Choose Video Capture Pin---- Choose YUY2” in C", and Choose 1280X1024in S.

microscope digital camera operation                  microscope digital camera operation

7How to make the picture more clear.

a) Choose Option----Choose Video Capture Filter;

b) Click Photo Control” to choose the zoom multiple

c) Adjust the parameters in Proc Amp” as you need;

d) Open Video Image. Choose Light” as your microscope used;

Choose Flip Vertical” or Flip Horizontal” to change the direction of the image.

Adjust White Balance” and Exposure” as you need;


microscope digital camera operation                  microscope digital camera operation

8) How to record video

After the image has been displayed on the PC screen, you should choose Set Capture File” in File” first, and then give a name of the capture file. Put it in your desktop or other files and open. Enter the capture file size, because AVI file will take big space, so 1M~5M bytes is the best amount you can set, which also have satisfied quality.

microscope digital camera operationChoose the Capture----Start Capture, then Stop Capture. In it, you can Set Frame Rate and Set Time Limit

9) How to take pictures

a) Open My Computer

b) Find a logo as right and open it. Then you can take pictures or delete them.

C) How to use measuring software

1) Install the measuring software: Double-click Digiciever1.35.exe” in the driver CD and open it. Choose the correct button step by step according to the information showing in your PC---- NEXT” ----NEXT” ----FINISH.

During the installing process, there may be a mend program to be installed. Dont worry about it. It does no harm to your PC.

microscope digital camera operation2) Restart your PC.

3) Click start-program-Yujieviewer-yujieviewer1.35,

microscope digital camera operation

Preview: Click it to preview. If it doesnt work, please check the camera, and then restart the software again.

Stop: Click it to stop previewing.

Video: Click it, a pop-window let you choose if you confirm to start videoing.

Stop: Click it to stop videoing.

Zoom: Click it, and the mouse point area will be zoom+. You can choose the zoom multiple by the right scroll bar.

Zip: Choose different compress mode.

Capture: Capture a photo.

Right and left arrow: You can choose the picture you have captured. Double click the small picture to open it with the application.

“×”: You can delete the picture you have captured.

4) Windows of the measuring program

microscope digital camera operation


Resolution: Click it to choose different resolution.

Comparing: Click it to choose four pictures in same windows to compare with each other.

Brown: Click it to choose the different pictures for comparing.

Measuring: Click it to go to the measuring window.

Area 1: Basic function: open or save the picture.

microscope digital camera operation

Open: Open a picture

Paste: If you have copied a picture in other software, you can paste it in the measuring window.

Save: save the picture. If you have some mark in picturethe change will be saved at the same time.

Save as: Save the picture as you required.

Exit: Exit from the measuring mode.

Area 2: Measure and calibration function

Manual calibration: You can input the calibration data by yourself.

microscope digital camera operation                        microscope digital camera operation

Name: You will give this calibration reference a name, we advice you can give the name with camera name and objective (such as: 1.3 mega pix--10 times), because you will choose different calibration when you will measure the object in the microscope.

Resolution: Enter the original resolution of your calibration picture. When measuring, the resolution must be same as the calibration reference.

Pixel: 1 unit will be how much pixel

Millimeter: 1 unit will be how much millimeter

microscope digital camera operationAuto Cal: Insert a standard micro-ruler into the microscope and adjust it to find the ruler image in PC screen. Click Auto cal” to be “√” and click Cal length. Choose one point on a line in the image----Draw a vertical line of another line through the chosen point. A window of calibration setting will jump out. Choose a position in the Name----Input the calibration name and input the standard distance between the two chosen lines in Millimeter----Click Save----OK.  The auto calibration has been finished.



Count: Count the number of something in image.

Length: Measure the distance directly between two chosen points after choosing the right parameter.

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